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Baked CLEVER in Austin, Tx

Our pastries are scratch-made in our kitchen and baked fresh in your neighborhood cafe. Using SCIENCE! and high quality ingredients we are upping the AM bake game in 512. One degree at a time.

Founded by two specialty coffee die-hards, CLEVER is making a splash in the milk and cookie business.

Get Baked

Revel with us in the glorious union between beverage and pastry: Cappuccinos and chocolate chunk cookies. Craft beer and buttery biscuits. Pineapple mimosas and candied muffins. What a mouthful.

Our pastries are made from scratch in our kitchen and baked fresh in your neighborhood cafe. We are not the first bakery to use high quality ingredients; to use well-branded words like, organic and seasonal, to describe our menu. What makes Clever "clever" is *freshness. We don't bake our pastries at 3am or the night before. They don't have to sit out on the counter all day waiting to be auctioned at a 5pm happy hour. Our cafe partners are just that, baker-partners. They work with us to give our local community an otherwise impossibly fresh experience: pastries baked fresh all day.

*Freshness - another hipster marketing term with no clear definition.



Without our Baker-Partners Clever Baking Co could not exist. No pastries. No Fun. If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form and we will get right back to you.

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